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St Anne's Catholic Primary School

"Love one another as I have loved you in our home, school and Parish family"


Thursday 2nd July


Good morning Year 1,

I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday.   Please remember to share at least one piece of work a week. You can do this by emailing it to:

Thank you to Grace for writing a lovely review of Handa's Surprise.  She gave excellent opinions about what she liked/didn't like about the story.  

Thank you to Ajay for sharing some fantastic maths work on addition and finding half of a shape.


Listen to the story, Handa’s Surprise again:

Write the missing sentences about the goat.
The strong, gruff goat was tied to a post. He tugged on the rope and it snapped. The goat charged and butted the tree. Lots of tangerines fell off the tree into Handa’s basket.

Below, you will also find a reading comprehension and a spelling and grammar activity.

Children should now be confident finding a quarter of a given quantity. They will now find a quarter of a quantity using pictorial representations. Some children may still need to use concrete apparatus to help them find a quarter of an amount.
Ask questions such as:
How many altogether?
How many equal parts are we splitting it into to find a quarter?

How can we check our answer. A quarter of __ = __. ___ is a quarter of ___.

Below, you will also find an addition and subtraction booklet to work through.



Find out about the animals that appear in the story.  Where do they live?  What do they like to eat?



There are lots of wonderful phonics games for you to play here.  Sign in as follows: Username: march20
Password: home


Time for storytime: David McKee reads Elmer:


Have a lovely day.

Best wishes

Mrs McGovern


Wednesday 1st July


Good morning Year 1,

It's the first day of July and we are halfway through the week already.  I am so amazed by all the lovely home learning that you are doing!  Well done to all the children who are completing the 2Dos on Purple Mash.  A special mention to Grace and Harley for their fantastic retelling of the story Handa's Surprise, from Handa's point of view.  


Listen to the story Handa’s Surprise again:

Write a review of the story, giving your opinions about what you liked / didn't like.


As children now understand the concept of quarters being four equal parts, they will now find a quarter of a quantity. In this lesson children will work practically using counters to find a quarter using the concept of sharing equally into four parts.
A presentation and activities are below.


The story Handa’s Surprise, is based in south-west Kenya.
Use the power point below to find out about Kenya.
Can you find south-west Kenya on a map? Can you find out more about the country? How is it similar / different to where you live?
Watch this travel guide about Kenya for some ideas:

Write some facts about Kenya.


Listen to the story, My Pet Star:


Have a lovely day.

Best wishes

Mrs McGovern


Tuesday 30th June


Good morning Year 1,

It was lovely to speak to so many of you or your parents yesterday.  I was delighted to hear how hard you are working at home.  I am so proud of you all.  

Thank you to Grace, Sidney and Ian for sharing their work.  Grace completed some lovely R.E. work, Sidney created his own storybook and Ian has been reading lots of books at home.  Please remember to share at least one piece of work a week.  You can do this by emailing it to:


Here is a link to listen to the story Handa’s Surprise again, if you need to:

Warm Up:
Can you think of words that rhyme with: hand, like, round, ripe, best, goat?
Retell the story from Handa's point of view. What does she think happened to the original fruit in her basket?


As children are now familiar with splitting shapes in quarter they will now use pictorial representations to identify which shapes have been split correctly and which ones have incorrect quarter lines. They will also be able to use one quarter of a shape to match it to its other quarter to make complete shapes.
A presentation and activities are included below.


Draw a map showing Handa's route to see Akeyo and add pictures which show the events which took place along the way.


Story: Listen to the story My Pet Star -


Phonics:  Play the game Phonics Frog.  Try the sound 'ay.'  Can you help phonics frog make it home?  Read the words on the logs, if the word is real you are safe.


Have a lovely day.

Best wishes

Mrs McGovern




Monday 29th June


Good morning Year 1,


I hope that everyone has had a lovely weekend.  

Thank you to all of the children who are continuing to complete the 2Dos on Purple Mash.  You are doing a fantastic job and I am very proud of you all!  A special mention to Grace and Harley for sharing some super work.  Grace drew a beautiful picture of her own version of Henri Rousseau's painting, Tiger in the Storm.  Harley completed some super work on place value and partitioning numbers into their tens and ones.  He also created his own story 'The Dinosaur who came to tea.'  Well done to you both.


This week we will be using the story Handa’s Surprise:

Before reading the story, pause the video to look at the front cover and at the title. Predict what the surprise might be. The blurb on the back cover says: Handa puts seven different fruits in a basket to take to her friend Akeyo as a surprise. But Handa’s walk takes her past a variety of animals, and the fruits do look very inviting… Does this give any more clues about the surprise? Now listen to the story, did you guess the surprise?
The story is full of questions. Look at the use of question marks in the story. Can you write your own questions and put a question mark in the correct place?


Today, we are going to learn about quarters. Use the two presentations below to help you and then practice finding quarters using the activities included below.

There is also a video about quarters of shapes here:


Think about the stories we have read about the disciples over the last two weeks. What sort of person do you think Jesus wanted to help him? What did the disciples do with Jesus? What would the disciples have to do to follow Jesus?
Create a wanted poster advertising Jesus’ need for a disciple. Think about the information you might need to know if you were going to take the job.
There is a wanted template below you can use if you would like to.



This song is based on the well-known potato chant, adapted for tomatoes, peas, carrots, with rhythmic munches, crunches and scrunches! 1. One Tomato, Two Tomatoes...
Focus: Long and short notes, Bright clear singing and Higher and lower
Play along with the instruments you have made before.
Do you know any songs about food?
(eg ‘Pat-a-Cake’, ‘Peter Piper,’ ‘One Potato, Two Potatoes’, etc).


Listen to a story - The Cow Who Fell to Earth:


Have a lovely day.

Mrs McGovern





Friday 26th June


Good morning Year 1,

I hope you are all well.  What a beautiful day it was yesterday.

Please remember to share at least one piece of work a week. You can do this by emailing it to:

A special mention today for Grace.  She wrote a fantastic letter from Sophie to the Tiger.  There was so much detail Grace.  I was very impressed!


Use your plan from yesterday to write your own version of the Tiger Came To Tea.
Give your story a title, so if you used a dinosaur it would be The Dinosaur Who Came to Tea.
Write in sentences, remembering to use full stops and capital letters.

Continue with place value and partitioning numbers in to their tens and ones.
Here is a video link to help:

Use the PowerPoint below to remind yourselves of place value.
Then complete the worksheet.

Could you find out about the Artist Henri Rousseau? Use the internet to help you. Make sure an adult knows you are using the internet and you have permission. If you see anything you don’t like on the internet, remember to tell a grown up!
These websites might help you:
There is a template below of a Fact File that might help you to think about what information to find and record.


Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs McGovern



Thursday 25th June


Good morning Year 1,

I hope you are enjoying your home learning this week.  Today is going to be very hot so make sure you stay safe in the sun.

Thank you to Harley for sharing his letter from Sophie to the tiger.  It was fantastic.  Keep up the hard work!

Please remember to share at least one piece of work a week. You can do this by emailing it to:



Here is a link to listen to the story again, if you need to:

Today, I would like you to plan your own version of this story, using the Story plan below. You can do this with pictures and maybe a one word label to help you remember your plan. Tomorrow, you will use this plan to write the story.
How will the story start – who is sitting having tea at your house?
We were learning about Dinosaurs in school before the lockdown. Perhaps, it is a dinosaur that is knocking at the door in your story. What sort of dinosaur? T-rex, stegosaurus, brachiosaurus?
What food will your dinosaur eat? What will it drink?
Where will you go for dinner or maybe you will get a takeaway? What will you have to eat?
Do you go shopping the next morning? – Maybe you buy dinosaur food!
Think about all these things when making your plan.


Look at place value in two digit numbers. Make sure you understand the position of each digit and what this tells us.
This video should help:

There is also a PowerPoint below to help.
Then complete the worksheet.

We looked at some Henri Rousseau art before. Can you make your own version of his painting Tiger in the Storm? You could paint or colour a picture like the one below.


Please try to keep reading every day. There are lots of books available here:

You will need to enter your email address to be able to log in and read them. If you click on the audio button you can also listen to the story being read to you.


Enjoy the sunshine!

Mrs McGovern



Wednesday 24th June


Good morning Year 1,

I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine.  It is lovely to see so many of you continuing to complete the 2Dos on Purple Mash.  Well done!


Here is a link to listen to the story again, if you need to:

Try to write a letter from Sophie to the Tiger, tell the tiger what you enjoyed about his visit and invite him to come again. Tell him what you will do together on his next visit. Explain you have now bought some tiger food for him. (Template to help included below)

Practice counting to 100. Count forward and backwards.
These videos include the words as you count, look carefully at the words as you count along today:

Pick a number - can you count on or back from that number?
Pick 2 numbers e.g. 46 and 61 – Can you say all the numbers between?
Today practise spelling all the number words – Can Mum or Dad give you a spelling test?

Use the worksheet below to help you practice.


Use the template below to help you design a food cover for the Tin of Tiger Food, Sophie bought. It will need to include a label saying it what it is. Make the label, fun, colourful and eye catching – you want people to buy it!


Below, you will also find a reading comprehension about Goldilocks and the Three Bears and a grammar and punctuation activity.


Have a lovely day.

Best wishes

Mrs McGovern




Tuesday 23rd June


Good morning Year 1,

I hope that you all had a great day yesterday.  Today is going to be nice and hot, so try and find time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. 

It is lovely to see so many of you accessing the work on Purple Mash.  I am very proud of all of you!


Watch the story The Tiger Who Came to Tea again.
Can you mute the sound and read it for yourself?

The tiger ate all the food, so Sophie and her Mum had to go shopping. Write a shopping list for them. Remember lists always go down the page with 1 item under another. Try to use the sounds you know to spell the words as carefully as you can.
Here is a template if you would like to use one: (also included below)


Continue counting forwards and backwards to 100.
Here is a fun video with some exercising at the same time:


Complete the missing number activity. Use a hundred square if you need to. (A hundred square and the worksheet included below)


Use the power point below to find out which continent the Big Cats come from. Can you find their continent on the world map?
Can you remember the names of the continents? There is a world map included below to help you: (worksheet also included below)
Can you could draw the Big Cat on the map to show where it comes from?


Below you will also find an activity about adding 's' and 'es' to the end of a word.  There is also a reading comprehension about tigers.


Have a lovely day in the sunshine.

Best wishes

Mrs McGovern


Monday 22nd June


Good morning Year 1,

I hope you all had a great weekend.  

Thank you to Ajay and Esmai for sharing lots of fantastic work they have been completing at home.  I am very proud of you both.  Please remember to share at least one piece of work a week.  You can do this by emailing it to:


This week we are looking at the story The Tiger Who Came to Tea.
Here is a link to listen to the story:

Use the document below to draw pictures to show the sequence of events in the story. You can only pick 8 events, so pick the main events which you think will tell the whole story.

Practice counting to 100. Video links:
Count forward

Count backwards

Pick a number - can you count on or back from that number?
Pick 2 numbers e.g. 46 and 61 – Can you say all the numbers between? Can you go back 61-46?
Have a go at the Twinkl activity: (also included below)


We will be learning in school about how Jesus chose his disciples, the people who were his special friends and followers.
Listen to the story of the first four disciples Jesus called:

How do you choose your friends? What do you hope a good friend is going to be like? Write about your special friend or friends.


I have also included a reading comprehension on The Gingerbread Man and a grammar and punctuation activity.


Phonics/spelling games:

Phonics Play -

Topmarks -


The story Rumble in the Jungle for you to listen to:


Have a lovely day.

Best wishes

Mrs McGovern


Friday 19th June


Good morning Year 1,

How are you all today?  Hopefully the sunshine will come back out again soon.

Harley has really been enjoying our text for this week 'Sharing a shell.'  He wrote his own fantastic retelling of the story from the point of view of the crab.  Well done Harley.

Well done to Grace too for thinking of using Create a Story on Purple Mash to write her own version of the story. I really enjoyed reading your story, Grace.

I also loved the Superhero Acrostic Poems written by Grace, Harley, Etienne and Jathan. Fantastic all of you! 

Maths: This week we have been thinking about finding half of a shape or of a number.   Below, you will find two activities to complete.

Have a go at this game:


I have added another couple of games that you might like to try:

Ordering numbers:

Quick recall of addition and subtraction facts:



Literacy:  This is our final day of thinking about Sharing a shell by Julia Donaldson.  Listen to the story again:

Is there a moral to the story?  Does it teach us anything?  Record your thoughts in words and pictures.

Think about people who help you.  What do they do?  What can you do to help them?  Illustrate and write a 

sentence about this. Maybe you could design a certificate to award someone who helps you, saying why they deserve the certificate. 


Below you will also find a reading comprehension of The Enormous Turnip and a grammar and punctuation activity.


Have a go at these games:

Play the solve, shoot, score spelling game on the Premier League Primary Stars:

Buried Treasure:  Put the coins with real words on them in the treasure chest.  Put the coins with fake words in the dustbin:


Music:  Follow this link to a wonderful resource that teaches children how to learn to sing a sea song.  Click on the videos and follow the instructions.


Other activities you may enjoy:

Visit this website and watch a live stream of a tropical reef.  What can you see?  Look at the shapes and patterns on each creature.


The story Owl Babies for you to listen to:


This Sunday is Father's Day.  I am sure your dads or grandads would love a card from you.


Have a wonderful day and weekend.

Best wishes

Mrs McGovern














Thursday 18th June


Good morning Year 1,

I hope everyone is having a great week so far.  I have loved hearing from so many of you.  Well done to Etienne, Harley, Ajay, Filip and Ada for all the wonderful work and pictures that you have sent to our work sharing email address.  You all seem to be doing some great learning and fun things.  


Maths:  Today we are halving numbers.  Have a look at this video first:

Then have a go at the worksheet below.

You could have a go at playing the game Daily Ten:

Choose level 2, doubles/halves, halves up to 10, then select an amount of time you would like to answer the question.  


Literacy:  Have another look at the story Sharing a shell by Julia Donaldson.

Today, try and retell the story from the point of view of the crab.

I have also included a reading comprehension and a grammar and punctuation activity. (see below)


Geography:  Today we are thinking about oceans.  Have a look at the powerpoint below.  Learn the names of the 5 oceans of the world by singing this song:

Then, unscramble the names from the anagrams and identify the continents and oceans of the world on a map.


R.E.  Children to illustrate and write a sentence about why we go to mass on a Sunday.


I've added a link to a story I really enjoy, Some Dogs Do:

I hope you enjoy it too!


Have a lovely day.

Mrs McGovern






Wednesday 17th June


Good morning everyone,

It was lovely to speak to all your families yesterday.  I am glad to hear you are all well and how hard you are working at home.  Remember, we'd love for you to share at least one piece of work a week by sending it to:

Today's activities:

Maths:  Continuing with finding a half:

Then complete the worksheet below, by ticking the shapes which have been halved correctly.



Listen to the story Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson again:

Make a list of the words that describe movements in the story, e.g. roaming, rollicking.  Can you think of any more?  Then write a simple alliterative sentence about something that happens in the story.  Alliteration is when the first letter of two or more words start with the same sound. An example would be, ‘silly snake’. Both words begin with an ‘s’.


Geography - Learn the names of the 7 continents of the world.

Listen to seven continents song:

Children to read the powerpoint about continents of the world (see below), then complete the activities: where am I on the map? booklet and unscramble the names of the continents.  

David Attenborough added a lovely video to BBC bitesize yesterday:

(you may have to scroll to near the bottom of the page)


Have a lovely day.

Mrs McGovern


Tuesday 16th June


Good morning children.  I hope that you all had a great day yesterday.  Some of you will be returning to school today and we are all really looking forward to welcoming you back.  It will be great to see you again after so many weeks apart.  

For those of you at home, please continue with your home learning.  Remember to keep in touch - we love receiving your emails and photos.  We will be contacting you very soon to see how you are getting on and if we can help you in any way.


Today, think about why we have to wash our hands much more frequently.

Watch this video called Horrid Hands:

If possible, with an adult carry out the science investigation. (see below)

Complete the quiz: sort the statements into true or false piles and then check your answers. (see below)
Practice the handwashing technique shown on the video.


Super sneezes:
Watch this video for an explanation:

Complete the wordsearch. (see below)
Then have a go at creating your own poster explaining what to do with a sneeze and why.


Today we are thinking about the story Sharing a Shell by Julia Donaldson.  Listen to the story here:

Discuss the vocabulary crab, gull, anemone, tentacle, bristleworm, whelk.  Then design and build a new home for the three creatures to share.

You can listen to Julia Donaldson singing the Sharing a Shell song here:


In maths, we will be finding half of a shape.  Use a ruler to draw a line on given shapes, to show a half, or cut out the shapes and fold them to show half. (see sheet below)

You can watch this song about halving:


Have a lovely day.

Year 1 team






Monday 15th June

Good Morning, I hope you had a lovely weekend with some nicer weather. I think today is going to be nice too, so try and  find time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.


Today, have a go at the ladybird comprehension below or which can be found on Twinkl:

Then, use this information to make a poster to tell people all about Ladybirds.


For Maths today -

Lesson 1 - Making Arrays.

Then, BBC Bitesize for practise

Have a lovely day

Mrs Mattocks

Friday 12th June


Good morning.

Today, listen to the story What the Ladybird Heard Next:

Now, have a go at writing your own version of a What the Ladybird Heard story. Perhaps, it is the sheep who will be stolen, for its soft thick wool or the bees for their delicious honey. You can think of your own ideas. Remember to use capital letters and full stops in your sentences.

Today, for Maths there are some football related activities on BBC BItesize:

Then you could try some ladybird craft:

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Mattocks

Thursday 11th June (Scroll down for Wednesday 10th June)

Good Morning everyone.

Here is a fun musical version of our story:

Today  imagine the thieves got away with the prize cow and you now need to catch them. Create a wanted poster to encourage people to help you look for them. Give descriptions and maybe offer a reward. Use the word mat and writing frame below to help. These can also be found on Twinkl:

Maths White Rose Lesson 4 -

Then follow link to BBC Bitesize for daily practise.

Follow this link to watch Barnaby Bear finding out about some creatures natural habitats:

This powerpoint on Twinkl will help you find out more about minibeast habitats:

Nearly the weekend again!

Have a lovely day,

Mrs Mattocks

Wednesday 10th June

Good Morning.

Let's continue with the story What the Ladybird Heard. Here is another version - this shows you the pages right at the front of the book and the page with the map maybe useful for one of your activities today.

Then, use the document below to help you to write speech bubbles for the animals in the story - what do you think they might have been trying to say? 

If you can't or don't want to print it, just draw your own animal and speech bubble next to it.

Please share, I would love to see some of your ideas.

Maths - White Rose Lesson 3, counting in 10s -

Then BBc Bitesize for practice:

A few weeks ago you looked at creating a map for your own Zoo. I gave you some examples. Today, see if you can use those ideas, the ideas from the front page of the Ladybird book and the document below, to create your own map of the farm. Remember to include a key. The map below has a key you can get ideas from.

Have a good day,

Mrs Mattocks

Tuesday 9th June

Good morning everyone.

Today, listen to the story of What the Ladybird Heard again. Have a pen and paper handy, so as you listen you can make a list of words that rhyme from the story.

For example, on the first page there is hen and pen, dog and hog. I would then like you to see if you can add other words which rhyme to these lists.

So, for hen and pen, I could add when, men, then, den. Can you think of any others?

Have a go with other rhyming words in the story.

Maths today, counting in 5s:  White Rose Lesson 2 for the video -

Then BBC Bitesize for practice:

Then, see if you can have some PE fun today. What different ways can you think of to move like an animal. Here are some ideas:

Kangaroo: long, big jumps
Puppy walk: on hands and feet, keep head up to see where you are going
Cat walk: like puppy, but try and arch back
Bear walk: heavy and slow on hands and feet
Frog jump: use hands to push off the floor, try and go high
Seal walk: bellies and legs on the floor, pull body with hands (flippers)

Have fun, 

Mrs Mattocks

Monday 8th June

Good morning, I hope you had a good weekend, despite the terrible weather! Thank you to those who have been sharing your work, I will be replying to you today, so keep an eye on your emails.

A special mention for Jathan today. On his Alien Profile, from last week,  he had down for his Alien's mission to make Coronavirus disappear from the world - I think we would all like that to happen! 

This week we are going to do our work based on the story What The Ladybird Heard. Here is the link:

As you are listening to the story, notice all the animals in the story have words used to describe them e.g. fat, red hen, woolly sheep. dainty dog, 

Below are some animal cards, see if you can write a description for these animals. Describing words are called adjectives, see how many adjectives you can use.

For example, I might write for the ladybird - The small, shiny, red and black ladybird can fly. - I have used 4 adjectives in my sentence. Colours are always easy to use, but try not to only use colours, see if you can think of other adjectives too. Think about things like how they look, their size, how they move or how they feel.

In Maths,  practise counting in 2s.

Watch the video for Lesson 1

Daily Maths on BBC Bitesize:

Yesterday, in church it was the celebration of The Most Holy Trinity. The Gospel reading from Mass yesterday is included below:

Gospel: John 3:16-18* 

For God loved the world so much that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not die but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to be its judge, but to be its saviour. Those who believe in the Son are not judged; but those who do not believe have already been judged, because they have not believed in God's only Son.

Gospel reflection:

We hear that God loved the world so much that he sent his only Son, Jesus, into the world so that we might have eternal life. 

God loves the world - all the people, plants, animals, birds, earth and everything else in it very, very much. And God wants us to love the world too. 

We are called to show our love for the world and for all the people who live in it, for all the birds, flowers, trees and animals, for everything that God has created. 

Sometimes, we think that because we are young we can’t make a difference in the world. You may think that you have to wait to grow up until people will listen to you. Do you think that is true?

We all have a responsibility to look after the world and all that is in it, to love it and care for it. Perhaps you already show how you love the world in the way you treat it? Do you recycle? Walk when you can instead of taking the car? Switch things off when you’re not using them? What else do you do to show your love for the world? What new thing will you do this week to show your love for the others and for the world?


Make the Sign of the Cross:

God of love, teach us how to love the world as you do. Help us to care for and respect the environment so that we may all live in harmony together, now and in the future. Amen.


Make a paper world out of blue and green paper and write or draw on it how you will show your love for the world in the coming week or write a prayer of thanks and praise to God for the love that God has shown to the world.


There is a picture included below for you to colour and name the ways the children in the picture are showing love for the world.

You could do both activities if you want to.

Have a good day

Mrs Mattocks

Friday 5th June

Today,see if you you can find out about foxes and make a fact file about them. Below, I have included some information about foxes, but feel free to also see what you can research for yourself. I have also included a template, to help you organise the information you find into a fact file. 

You can also find these documents on Twinkl :


For Maths today, try the Friday challenges. I have included below the two that are more appropriate for Year 1 but have a go with an older brother or sister or your parents at some of the others if you would like to. You can find the answers on White Rose or BBC Bitesize.

Have some craft fun today and see if you can make a fox. I have put some ideas below but you could always think of your own.

Please share some of the foxes you make, I would love to see them.

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Mattocks

Thursday 4th June ( Posted in advance scroll down for Wednesday 3rd June sroll down)

A special mention today for Harley. He did a fantastic version of the story One Fox, on his Purple Mash Create a Story. There was so much detail Harley, I was very impressed!

Have another look at the story of One Fox today:

Can you be the fox and tell the story from the fox's point of view? Remember to use I and capital letters and full stops. It is natural for foxes to want to catch chickens, it is how they survive, so the fox wouldn't have thought he was doing anything wrong!

Maths is White Rose Lesson 4

Practice at

Neil Armstrong was the first man to land on the moon.

Find out all about him in the power point either on Twinkl or included below:


Use the Timeline below to either draw a picture or write the events in Neil Armstrong's life:

Enjoy your day,

Mrs Mattocks

Wednesday 3rd June

What has happened to our lovely weather? I think it might be our fault, we were planning on going out for a picnic today! I think we will have to have a blanket picnic inside instead.

Have another look at the story of One Fox today:

Then, try to write a longer sentence or a short paragraph  to describe what is happening on each page. Make it into a longer story. Remember to use those capital letters and full stops!

White Rose Lesson 3:

Then daily practice on BBC Bitesize:

Answers for Yesterday and a new problem for today included below:

Do some practical capacity - try different cups and containers at home and have some water fun!

Yesterday, I asked you to learn about space and our planets. Try designing your own planet today:

Have a lovely day

Mrs Mattocks

Tuesday 2nd June  (Posted in advance, scroll down for Monday 1st June)

Good morning, it is lovely to see so many of you accessing the work on Purple Mash and getting back into your home learning. I am very proud of all of you!

Today, continue with the One Fox story:

I have set you a "2do" on Purple Mash 2 Create a story. Try to use the middle option -My Story and create an animated version of this book.

Maths today: Lesson 2

Then follow the link on White Rose to daily practise on BBC Bitesize.

Answers from yesterday:

New Maths problem:

Have you heard and watched any of the news about SpaceX - if not see if you can find out about it.

In our Purple Mash story today, Anna was learning about Spaceships. On the powerpoint below is information about the different planets in space and I have set some more space 2dos for you on Purple Mash.

If you prefer you can follow the link to Twinkl:

What would you decide to take to Space with you?

or down load from below:

Don't forget to share your work!

Mrs Mattocks

Monday 1st June

I hope everyone enjoyed their half-term! What fantastic weather we had! I had a lovely time with my family.

But now back to doing some work.

Today, watch the link for the story One Fox

In this story the author uses alliteration. Alliteration is when words start with the same letter - so examples of alliteration in this story include famished fox, padding paws. Can you find other examples of alliteration in the story? Now try to think of some of you own phrases using alliteration. Could you think of other animals to describe using alliteration, for example a giant giraffe, an elegant elephant.

For Maths today:

Lesson 1 -

Daily Practise at:

There are also some extra problems at the bottom of today's page.

There is a new daily worship from Dan and Emily on you tube too:

Yesterday was Pentecost Sunday. This is when the Holy Spirit came to the Disciples to give them courage. See if you can write a prayer to the Holy Spirit asking him to help you with something. Maybe there is something you are worried about or maybe you need help to make good choices. I would love to read some of your prayers, if  you want to share them.

Don't forget to check Purple Mash too.

Have a good day

Mrs Mattocks. 

Friday 22nd May

We have reached the end of another half-term and I am really proud of how hard some of you have been working at home.

Today, I would like you to try to write your own version of Dear Zoo - Think of some different animals the Zoo could send to you, some ideas are a hippopotamus, zebra, tiger, wolf, lizard, stick insect - but you could think of your own. What will be wrong with them? Than decide which animal the Zoo will send you at the end, which you think is perfect and will keep. Maybe it could be kitten, a rabbit, a hamster or a fish?

For Maths today see if you can have a go at these challenges - the answers can be found on White Rose Maths or BBC Bitesize. Good Luck!

Can you make a animal face? There are some ideas below which use a paper plate but you could always just cut out a circle from paper to use. You could think of your own idea if you would like to - I would love to see some so please share.

Have a lovely half-term,I think the weather is going to be nice, so stay safe in the sun!

Mrs Mattocks.

Thursday 21st May

What a beautiful day yesterday. I hope you enjoyed it!

I am in school with key worker children today, so although I have set work on Purple Mash I will not get a chance to comment on any until tomorrow, but I will look at it all on Friday.

Today, try to make a poster which would help people to look after a dog. Include food, drink, exercise, play, cuddles, grooming.

Maths is on Mass and Weight, watch the video for Lesson 4:

Then BBC Bitesize for practice:

Yesterday you learnt about the seven Continents, today I would like you to learn about the Five Oceans:



When doing this activity, see if you can colour and label the continents you learnt about yesterday. Can you remember them?

They are included as documents below if it easier than using Twinkl:

Have a good day.

Mrs Mattocks

Wednesday 20th

Good morning - what a lovely sunny day. Take care in the sun today it is going to be really hot!

I found a lovely musical version of Dear Zoo, take a look:

Today, practice your letter writing again. Remember to set out the letter properly.

Write a thank you letter to the zoo for sending you a puppy. Think about telling the zoo why he is perfect. Tell them what you have called him, how you will look after him and what you will do with your puppy.

Maths is continuing with length and height.

Watch the White Rose video for Lesson 3 -

Then go to BBc Bitesize:

I would also like you to learn about the seven continents in the world.

Powerpoint below or on Twinkl:

Then see if you can remember the continents to label the map below or on Twinkl:

I hope you also enjoy time outside today, but remember sun block and hats and remember to keep drinking!

Stay safe 

Mrs Mattocks

Tuesday 19th May

Good Morning, it looks as though it is going to be a nice day!

Today, see if you can mute the sound on the story of Dear Zoo and read it for yourself.

Then I would like you to pick one of the animals from the story and write a detailed description about that animal. See if you can have a go at drawing the animal too.

Continue learning about length in Maths. Watch the White Rose video for lesson 2:

Then use BBC Bitesize for practice:

In the Dear Zoo story there is a frog. Today, I would like you to learn about the life cycle of the frog. Watch this video to help you:

This is the link to the powerpoint on Twinkl, for some momre information:

The powerpoint is also inluded below if you prefer.

Then try this activity from Twinkl:

The document from Twinkl is included below that is easier for you: 

Enjoy your day,

Mrs Mattocks

Monday 18th May

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend. 

Thank you to Ada, Jathan, Etienne, Philipos, Ajay, Harley and Rebekah - I loved reading your apology letters to the Bears.

This week I thought we could use the book Dear Zoo to do some work around.

Follow the link to listen to the story:

The story starts 'I wrote to the zoo to send me a pet'.

Today, see if you can write a letter to the zoo asking for them to send you a pet. Remember to set out your letter correctly (see below):


Make one up................................................

Use school address........................................


Dear Zookeeper,







Unfortunately, White Rose Maths are now charging to use their worksheets, so you will need to use BBC BItesize Maths which is still free. You can watch videos on White Rose still for free, these may help you understand.

This week the work is on length.

Watch the video for Lesson 1 on:

Go to BBC Bitesize for your daily practice:

In school, we learnt about our current Queen - Queen Elizabeth II - on BBC bitesize today you can learn about Queen Elizabeth I

I would love to see some of the things you learn and do, so don't forget to share!

Have a lovely day.

Mrs Mattocks.

Friday 15th May

Good morning, looks like the weather is getting a bit warmer again, so let's hope we have a nice weekend. Go and enjoy the chance to get out more, but stay safe!

Today, see if you can make some puppets of the caterpillar and the butterfly and use them to retell The Hungry caterpillar story. You could draw a caterpillar and a butterfly and attach them to sticks to make a stick puppet or perhaps you have another idea how you could make a puppet. I would love to see some.

Try learning about symmetry in your maths. On Purple Mash you will notice, as you coloured one side of the butterfly, the other side automatically coloured in to make both wings exactly the same - this is symmetry. Try painting a butterfly, if you have paints at home. Paint one side and then fold the paper over and it will make a symmetrical butterfly.

Look on White Rose for the challenge today - W/C 4th May Lesson 5, watch the video to help you before completing the worksheet below:

There is a new assembly by Dan and Emily for you to take part in too:

 Have a lovely week end.

Mrs Mattocks


Thursday 14th May

Good morning everyone.

I would like you to see if you can write your own story today. Pretend to be the caterpillar from the story - The Hungry Caterpillar  and tell me all about what happened to you. Here are some questions which might help you think of some ideas for your story. Remember if you are the caterpillar, you will need to use the word 'I'.

Why were you hungry?

How did you feel after eating so much?

What did you think when you came out of the cocoon ( chrysalis)?

I would also like you to sort the food in the story into healthy food and unhealthy food. Split your page in half and on one side make  a list or draw the healthy food and on the other side make a list or draw the unhealthy food. 

You could use this powerpoint on Twinkl to do some more work on healthy and unhealthy:

Link:     or document included below:.

There are lots of other activities on Twinkl about healthy and unhealthy, have a look and see if any interest you.

White Rose Maths today is W/C 4th May Lesson 4:

More practice on BBC Bitesize:

Have a nice day

Mrs Mattocks

Wednesday 13th May

Good Morning

Thank you again to all those children sharing their work, I love to see it and I love seeing your happy smiley faces in the photos you send. Keep up the good work.

Today I would like you to use the story of the Hungry Caterpillar to help you find out about the life cycle of the butterfly.

Here is a link to the story:

Then use:  to find out more about life cycles.

Can you draw your picture to show the life cycle of the butterfly?

These documents might help. You can find them on Twinkl if it is easier



Maths today is White Rose W/C 4th May Lesson 3

More help at:

Don't forget to check Purple Mash - It is great to see so many of you completing Purple Mash and leaving messages for me. I love to hear from you.

Have a lovely day

Mrs Mattocks

Tuesday 12th May

Good Morning!

Today on White Rose follow W/C 4.11.20 Lesson 2. Watch the video to help understand how addition and subtraction are related. Here is the link to the worksheet

Fact families are quite difficult, so if you want extra practice try BBC bitesize:

See if you can write your own story today based on the Monkey Puzzle. Choose an animal who has lost his Mum and choose an animal that is going to help. Then make up some clues - which animals will you find in your story?

Then last week, you were asked to look at some maps with keys and symbols and make your own Zoo map. Today, using the same ideas make yourself a map of a jungle. You could include areas for different plants and trees, a river, a pathway through the jungle, different areas for animals. Don't forget to make a key with symbols.

Have a good day

Mrs Mattocks


Monday 11th May

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a good weekend!

Did you celebrate VE Day? I had afternoon tea and a barbecue in my garden, the weather was lovely.

We are going to carry on with the Monkey Puzzle this week. Remind yourself of the story:

Do you notice that it is a rhyming story? The words at the end of each two lines rhyme - this is called a rhyming couplet. Can you make a list of the rhyming words in the story? Now see if you can write some rhyming couplets of your own. That means you need to write two lines of a story or description and make the last two words in each line rhyme with each other.

This week follow the Maths from White Rose W/C 4th May -  it is about number bonds today. Watch the video and then follow the link to the worksheets:

There is a new Weekly worship by Dan and Emily:

The story of the Monkey Puzzle is set in a jungle. Henri Rousseau is a famous artist who painted a lot of painting set in a jungle. I have included a few below for you to look at - Can you make your own Jungle picture today - you could draw, paint or collage it.

Don't forget to share your work.

Mrs Mattocks.

Thursday 7th May

Good morning, thank you everyone for working so hard this week. There has been so much work completed on Purple Mash and I have loved seeing the work you have shared by email too.

Tomorrow is a bank holiday, so you get a 3 day weekend. It is the celebration of 75th anniversary of VE day - this mean Victory in Europe and is the day WWII ended for Europe. Today I thought you could do activities around VE day, to learn more about it.

I hope you all enjoy some celebrations tomorrow, the weather is supposed to be nice, so get out in your gardens or for a walk and make the most of the sunshine.

Below is a powerpoint to give you lots more information about VE day. Here is the link to Twinkl if you find it easier to go straight to their site.

Maths - see if you can fill in the missing numbers on the medals. Be careful how you write each number, make sure there are the correct way round.

Twinkl link

I have also added some bunting, perhaps you could print some to colour or make your own and decorate your house.

There are lots of other activities on Twinkl - colouring. dot to dot, fighter planes to make, reading comprehensions. Have a look a see what interests you.

Have fun, share your celebrations, if you can and enjoy your long weekend.

Mrs Mattocks

Wednesday 6th May

Good morning everyone.

Can I just say well done to all those children who are sharing work at the moment, it is lovely to see how hard you are all working! So many of you are now completing work on Purple Mash as well - thank you!

It was especially lovely to see Harley looking so proud of his Rainbow Fish story, you made me proud too Harley, it was fantastic and I loved the picture too.

Today, I would like you to listen again to the Monkey Puzzle. I have chosen a different version - this one is read with a lot of expression. See if you can read a book today using a lot of expression in your voice.

Then, I would like you to pick an animal and write a detailed description of that animal so that the butterfly would be able to guess the animal straight away.

Last week we looked at videos of zookeepers. Today, I would like you to design your own zoo or wildlife park. Make a picture map of an imaginary zoo or wildlife park using simple symbols and a key. Use symbols to show which animals live where and include other features such as roads, woodland, water sources and buildings, such as cafes and toilets.

I have included some links to examples of maps for you to look at first. Good Luck - please share some.

Maths today, is working on quarters again. 

Here is the link to White Rose - Wc 27.4.20, Day 3, don't forget to watch the video first, it will help.

There is some more Maths below you may find useful too:

Answers from yesterday:

Enjoy your day.

Mrs Mattocks

Tuesday 5th May

Good Morning.

There is a lovely assembly by Dan and Emily again, for you to join in with -

Today I would like you to join in with reading the Monkey Puzzle story from yesterday - you could even mute the sound and try to read it yourself.

Then, see if you can write an extra page for the book. You will need to decide on an animal and give butterfly a clue, so butterfly can lead Monkey to the animal, even though it will still not be Monkey's mum. I would love to read some, so please share.

In Maths, today I would like you to start learning about quarters. White Rose Maths WC 27.4.20 Day 2

Here is some extra help:

Below are the answers from yesterday.

Have a lovely day.

Mrs Mattocks

Monday 4th May

Good morning, I hope you all had a good weekend! My weekend was interesting, as our internet was down all weekend - you can imagine how my children reacted to that! Fortunately it has just been fixed in time for me to contact you and in time for my children to access their online learning - I think they thought they were going to escape from school work today!

We are now into the Month of May. The Month of Our Lady. If we were in school we would be learning more about The Rosary and joining together as a school to say a decade of the Rosary. Could you do some research  about the Rosary and try to say a decade of the Rosary with your family, you will need to say 10 Hail Mary's, an Our Father and A Glory Be.

This week I thought we could use the story of Monkey Puzzle to do some work, as this links in with our Paw, Claw and Whiskers topic.

Use the link to the story :

There are more stories on this link, you are welcome to listen to but you only need the first five minutes for Monkey Puzzle.

Use the animal mat below to try to write clues for someone in your family to guess the animal you are describing. Don't forget to use your capital letters and full stops in your writing.

For today's maths use White Rose W/C 27.4.20 Day 1 - this is continuing with finding a half. Below there is more guidance for you and the answers to Friday's challenges.

Here is the link:

Have a good day, don't forget to share your work!

Mrs Mattocks

Friday 1st May

Good morning everyone.

Well done we have made it through another week! Thank you to all those children who have been completing all the activities, you are working so hard and I am so proud of all of you!

Have a go at these Maths challenges today. Number 2 is quite tricky. I will post the answers Monday. Good Luck!

Enter text...

The Rainbow Fish learnt how to be a good friend. See if you can write a list of things you think a good friend needs. There are lots of activities on Twinkl about being a good friend, you could see if you could have a go at some of these.

On Sunday it is Good Shepherd Sunday, a day when we can think about vocations - a vocation is something we feel strongly that we want to do. 

Here is a link to an assembly all about Good Shepherd Sunday, perhaps you could take some time to go through this with your family.

Do you think you have a vocation to do something when you are older??

Have a lovely week end

Mrs Mattocks.


Thursday 30th April

It was lovely to speak to all your families and even some of the children yesterday. I am glad to hear you are all well and safe! Since speaking to you, more of you have been doing the work on Purple Mash, which is fantastic to see. I know it is not easy but keep up the good work!

Today, White Rose Maths is about finding Half, again I will add some more work at the bottom, but you can access videos and worksheets on 

You will need to go to WC 20.4.20, Day 4.

Today, see if you can write some instructions about looking after a pet fish. I include a writing frame here to help you. You do not have to print it you could just use it to help you write your instructions into your purple books.Try to include where your fish would live, feeding and cleaning and maybe some decoration or toys to stop it from being bored.

You could try to follow these instructions to draw your own fish today

See if you can decorate your fish to make it look shiny - can you find glitter, shiny wrapping paper or tin foil you could use?

Here is your Maths:

Yesterday's answers.

Sorry it has taken me longer to get all this on today, I have been having problems with my laptop!

Have a good day, despite the weather!

Mrs Mattocks

Wednesday 29th April

Posting today's work in advance!

There is now work on Purple Mash, thank you to Ajay for completing it already, but there is some more for today!

Continue with White Rose Maths - WC 20 April Day 3 this is about Sharing groups equally. I will add extra to help you with this at the bottom.

Watch one of the You Tube videos about The Rainbow Fish again and then complete a book review - a writing frame to help you is below. Don't forget to give a reason for why it is your favourite part. You do not need to print, just complete the review in the book you were given from school.

I would also like you to watch some of the videos about Zookeepers to link to our Paws, Claws and Whiskers topic.

On purple mash there is a Simple City activity been set in the 2dos. I would like you to concentrate on the Zoo section. This will help you to learn the names of lots of different animals. You can also do some sorting activities- try the Questions rather than the simple questions.

Here's the extra Maths:

Answers for Yesterday:

Let's hope the weather gets better soon!

Mrs Mattocks

Tuesday 28th April

Good Morning.

I will try to put work on Purple Mash today - yesterday when I tried the site was not working, so sorry about that.

Rainbow fish - try to join in with the reading today using

It is a little blurry at the start but does correct itself. Then see if you can rewrite the story of the Rainbow Fish but pretend you are the Rainbow Fish and write the story from his point of view. Remember you will need to use the word 'I'. I would love to read some of your stories, so please share them.

Try to continue using White Rose Maths 

Today, try Day 2 from WC 20.4.20. This is about equal groups. I will add some more Maths at the bottom to help you.

I sent home with you lots of ideas based on the Topic Paws, Claws and Whiskers, which we would have been starting if we had been in school. Today, I would like you to find out about camouflage and why it is important to animals.

Try watching - 


You could also try to draw your own picture of an animal that can camouflage, here is a link to how to draw a tiger:

Remember, all of these are just ideas - please do not feel you have to do all of it! Some people will have more time than others! Be kind to yourselves, especially if you are working from home, juggling home learning with your own work.

Take care, have a nice day

Mrs Mattocks

Extra Maths to help:

Answers from yesterday:

Monday 27th April

Good Morning, I hope everyone has enjoyed your Easter and your two weeks off and have been making the best of the weather, either in your gardens, if you are lucky enough to have one, or on your daily exercise. 

The Church is still celebrating the Easter season. The word 'alleluia' is an important word during the Easter season as it means praise God. See if you can find some yellow, white and gold colours (for the Easter season)  to decorate the word alleluia. Maybe you could even make yourself an alleluia crown.

Here is a link to the new weekly worship by Dan and Emily:

In Maths this week please have a look at making doubles and finding a half. There are activities from last week - WC 20.4.20 on white rose maths with videos to help: 

Also, this week I would like you to complete some work around the story of The Rainbow Fish. Please use the link below to  watch the video of the story. Talk to your family about the story - can you tell them what happened in the story?

More Maths to help with finding doubles:

Don't forget to look on purple mash for more activities during the week and please share any work you do on

I love to see what you are doing.

Have a good day,

Mrs Mattocks

Thursday 9th April

Good Morning, the last day of a very strange term!

Well done to Zaneta, who has joined the list of children completing work on Purple Mash.

Children, some of you are working so hard and making me so proud! I have put some more 2dos on Purple Mash for those who have completed all the other activities.

Tomorrow is Good Friday and I am giving you a link to a lovely prayer session you could do with your families.

Here are the answers to Tuesday Math's 

Happy Easter, everyone

Mrs Mattocks

Tuesday 7th April

Good Morning Year 1.

I am in school the next 2 days with the key worker children and so may not get as much chance to set some work for you, so I will give you lots of ideas today but please don't feel you have to do them all and you certainly don't have to do them all today!

I will also set some more 2dos on Purple Mash - thank you Rebekah, Grace, Harley, Ada, Ajay and Abdul for completing the Purple Mash work already set. It is lovely to see some of the work you are doing, don't forget you can share other work on:

It is Maundy Thursday and Good Friday this week. See if you can find out about what happened to Jesus on these days - make posters, art work or write a diary entry from an eye witness who was there. I would love to see some of your ideas.

Try some Easter craft this week - decorate a hard boiled egg or have a look at the year 2 page, where Mrs McGovern has put up some lovely ideas to make an Easter garden. I also found this which I thought would be easy to make.

Don't forget to look at the daily activities on Purple Mash and on White Rose Maths for daily Maths lessons.

Here are the answers to yesterday's Maths:

Today's Maths:

I wish you all a very happy and restful Easter

Mrs Mattocks


Good Morning, I hope you all had a good weekend.

This week is Holy Week, one of the most important weeks in the Church's calendar. Please take some time to pray with your family. There is also a nice version of the Stations of Cross for children to watch:

There are a few grammar activities set as 2dos for this week on purple mash. Have a go and see how you get on.

Also on Purple Mash on the home page there is a daily activity section. If you go into this section there activities set for each day, these include some reading comprehensions. I will use some of the activities to set as 2dos but please feel free to have a go at any of these  activities yourself.

Answers to Friday's maths:

Today's Maths:

Enjoy your day.

Missing you all.

Mrs Mattocks

Friday 3rd April

Good Morning!

It is the end of another week, I am really missing being in school with you all, but it is cheering me up to see the work that some of you are producing. You are working so hard and I know it can't be easy. Well done and keep it up!

My stars for this week are for those children who have completed their work on purple Mash.  Thank you children for having a go, I was very impressed! Children who have not had a go yet still have today to complete it and if you remember to hand it in I can look at and comment on your work.

On Sunday it is Palm Sunday - the start of Holy Week. This is an important week in the Church's calendar. 

Watch this video about Palm Sunday:

Can you make your own palms and hang them on your door? - You could use branches and leaves from your garden or collect some on your walk. If you can't do that activity, how about writing down and decorating the word Hosanna? 

Dan and Emily - who you may remember from our Lenten retreat day inschool - have produced a weekly worship which you might like to take part in:

How are you getting on with your Maths? 

Here are the answers to yesterday's Maths:  

Today's Maths:

Have a lovely weekend, keep sharing your work!

Mrs Mattocks

Thursday 2nd April

Good Morning.

Thank you Grace and Harley for having a go at using Purple Mash. Don't forget to save and hand in your work, so I can see and comment on it!

Today, I would like you to draw a map of the mouse's journey through the woods. Remember to include all  the places mentioned in the story - listen to the Gruffalo story again to remind yourself of them all. Make a list as you listen to make sure you remember them all. You could include a key on your map to show which symbols/drawing you have used for each house.

Don't forget to share you work at:

Answers for yesterday's maths:

Today's maths:

Hope you are being good

Mrs Mattocks

Wednesday 1st April 

Good Morning everyone.

Today as you listen or read along with the Gruffalo, see if you can identify the rhyming words . Make a list of words that rhyme and then see if you can add your own words to the list.

I have also set some 2dos on Purple Mash based on the Gruffalo - go to the red 2do folder and hopefully you will find them. 

Try to use 2paint to paint a picture of the Gruffalo and use 2 create a story to make your own animated version of the Gruffalo - these can be handed in on Friday.

Here is a prayer for you to say with your family today:

A Prayer for your Household

Hear us, Lord, and send your Angel from heaven to visit and protect, to comfort and defend all who live in this house. Amen.

The answers to yesterday's maths are below:

Today's Maths:

Keep trying your best.

Mrs Mattocks

Tuesday 31st March

Good Morning 

Thank you to Rebekah for sharing her picture of the Gruffalo yesterday.

Use this link for the Gruffalo today and see if you can join in with the reading.

Then see if you can make and write your own postcard using the ideas below. You could draw a picture of the Deep Dark Woods on one side.

Here are the Maths answers for yesterday:

A new problem for today:

Good Luck

Mrs Mattocks

Monday 30th March

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a lovely weekend and are staying safe and well.

My stars of the week for last week are Harley - for sharing some of the work he has been doing  and all the parents for supporting their children through this difficult time!

Don't forget to share your work at:

Today follow the link to the story of The Gruffalo - I will try to set some work to this story each day this week.

Today, I would like you to draw a picture of the Gruffalo, thinking about including everything that is described in the story. Try adding labels to your picture.

Here are the answers to Fridays problem. 

New problems for today:

Good Luck everyone.

Friday 27th March

Well done everyone, the first week has nearly been completed!

It has felt like a long week and I am really missing all of you. It was lovely to see Harley sharing his work with us on Facebook and Twitter - I would love to see more of you sharing what you are doing - it would like me so happy and proud!

It has been lovely and sunny this week, reminding us that Spring is on the way. See if you can find out what the signs of Spring are - make a list. Then see if you can draw, paint or collage a lovely spring picture - please share them!

Be good children and have a lovely weekend.

Today's maths problem:

Thursday 26th March

I hope you are all keeping well still.

I have been reading on social media, among my own family and friends,  that some people are becoming stressed out with trying to work from home and home school their children. 

You didn't choose to home school and teachers didn't choose to have to teach from a distance - we are all just trying to do the best we can in a very difficult situation. I do not want any of you to feel under pressure to complete everything I send! They are ideas and suggestions, some people will have more time to spend with their children than others, depending on the nature of their work. Nobody is judging you!

Take the time you have with your child to enjoy them! if you don't do anything else just please find time to read together or listen to the many audio stories out there.

With this in mind I am not going to set a Maths problem today, I am giving you some ideas that will hopefully be fun and keep your children occupied.

Google 30 day Lego Challenge - see if your child can complete a challenge for the day - I can't share as it is copy righted, but ideas might be to build a space rocket, create a new roller coaster, build a castle for your favourite princess, build a tree house or a pirate ship.  These activities are great for fine motor skills and for their creativity and imagination.

Follow this link, (you may need to paste into address bar) to some drawing ideas:

If your lucky enough to have a garden get outside in the sun - see if you can find minibeasts.

If you want to share any of your models or pictures please email them to - Again no pressure, it may just give the children a purpose and get them to spend longer on it, giving you more time to do what you need to do! I can make a gallery on this page to show off any photos I receive.

Have Fun!

Stay Calm, Stay safe, Stay Inside!


Yesterdays answers:

Wednesday 25th March

Good Morning everyone,

Answers for yesterday

2 cylinders = 7kg   

2 x 5 = 10, therefore times 7kg by the 5 to get the mass of 10 cylinders.

So - 7 x 5 = 35

10 cylinders = 35kg.

Dora spent £20 - this was half her money, therefore she also has £20 left.k started with £32 

Jack must also have £20 left but he spent £12. Therefore to find out how much he started with add £12 and £20:  12=20 = 32.

Jack started with £32.

Here are your problems for today:

In school we have Catholic Virtues that we think about each half term. This half term our virtues are faith-filled and hopeful. Given the current situation I think these are really important. 

Today children see if you can write a prayer of hope to God, Jesus or Mary.

The Pope has also asked everyone to join in the Lord's Prayer today at 11am.

Keep washing those hands!!

Tuesday 24th March

Good Morning, I hope everyone is keeping well.

Answer to yesterdays problems - Green =25, orange + 47 and Blue +24 - the sum of all the numbers was 96. 

                                                           Yellow triangle =9

                                                           Blue Diamond = 21

                                                           Green Star = 31

Parts of that were quite tricky!

You can find maths each day by logging into

The Gospel on Sunday was about Jesus healing the Blind Man. Here is a link to watch the story

If you have a bible at home try to find the story in the bible and read it yourself.

Try writing this story in your own words and try to explain what this story teaches us.

Here is today's problem.

Keep safe!

Good Morning everyone.

Today feels very strange and I already miss you all. I hope you are all keeping safe and you are in my prayers.

I will try to put things up on here regularly for you to do, please do not feel you have to do it all but try to do something to keep your brain ticking over.

Monday 23rd March

My son is currently doing PE with Joe on You Tube - this will be everyday at 9-9.30 during the week. It may help to keep your children active. My son is really enjoying it!

In school we follow  Read Write Inc (RWI)  for reading, spelling and writing. This is the phonic sheet that is stuck in your purple book. There are some good videos on You Tube to help you to understand  RWI. 

This link should take you to the right page

They will be releasing three short Speed Sound lessons with one of our trainers every day for the next two weeks. The films will only be available at the times below:
Set 1 Speed Sounds at 9.30 am and again at 12.30 pm
Set 2 Speed Sounds at 10.00 am and again at 1.00 pm
Set 3 Speed Sounds at 10.30 am and again at 1.30 pm
Please note: the films are streamed live and won’t be available at other times.
They’re also releasing a film of a poem for Reception and Year 1 children to join in with at 2.00 pm every day. The poems will be available on YouTube to watch again and again.
A great opportunity for children to learn these by heart! Please encourage the children to watch and learn these poems (older children too)
Most children in Year 1 are onto the set 3 sounds but revising the other sounds, especially set 2, will be good for them too.
This week in school during Maths we would have been learning about Subtraction (take away). Practice with your children using number up to 20 and if we are coping increase the numbers.
Here is a problem for them to try:



Year 1 - Miss Mattocks (Miss Green/Miss Grant/Mrs Raggert TA)

Welcome to Year One.

I would like to introduce myself. I am Mrs Mattocks and will be your child’s class teacher for this year. Miss Green & Miss Grant will also be working with us in Year One to support the children. If you have any problems through the year please come and speak to one of us.

We hope you find the information below useful:

Reading Books:

These will be changed once a week. Your children will need books in school every day, as they will be called to read at other times. Please hear your child read at home every day and sign the reading record, so we know to change your child’s books.


This will be sent home on a Friday to be returned on Wednesday. All children will have an orange homework book. Please take care of these books and encourage your child to look after them. Please complete homework in pencil, with any colouring in, done in coloured pencils.


Children need P.E kits on a Thursday and Friday. We do try to do as much outside as possible, so when the weather gets cold, please send in warm clothing for P.E and not just shorts. Please put children’s NAMES on their clothing.


Please name your child’s uniform and P.E kits. I have already collected some items in my classroom with no name. If your child loses something, it is very difficult to find, when there is no name on it.

We are looking forward to a happy and successful year!

Mrs Mattocks, Miss Grant, Mrs Raggert & Miss Green.


Autumn 2019 term curriculum click here.

Spring 2020 term curriculum click here.

Summer 2020 term curriculum click here.




Thank you for coming to our Teddy Bear's Picnic. We had a great time.

We learnt and performed a poem for National Poetry day.